New to our Information page (under the "Help Out" menu) is the Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women! From their website:

"Have you ever been harassed in the street? Received a crass message on a dating app? Had a coworker make a comment about your appearance that just didn’t sit right?

You’re not alone."

"This guide was written with the intention of empowering women to navigate the internet without fear. We discuss common occurrences in which women are subject to harassment in their daily lives – on social media, at work, while dating, and more – and give tips and advice on how women can take control.

It is important for us to note that some of the advice given here encourages anonymity, rather than risking being targeted. While this may seem to run counter to the idea of encouraging self-expression, we believe that every woman should be empowered to make that choice for herself.

Our job is to give you the tools you need to do that.

We hope this guide encourages women everywhere to defend and protect themselves, and to stand up to sexual harassment, both on and off the web."

1958: Rick Nelson started a two-week run at #1 on the Billboard album chart with "Ricky", which featured his #3 hit single "Be-Bop Baby".

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19: An inaugural concert is held in Landover, Maryland to honor President-elect Bill Clinton. Aretha Franklin sings "I Have A Dream" and Fleetwood Mac perform "Don't Stop", a tune that the Clinton campaign used as their theme song. Others appearing were Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Judy Collins, Chuck Berry and Little Richard.

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1985: Newspaper USA Today took a poll of its readers to ask where the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame should be built. The winner, as you know, was Cleveland, Ohio.

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1967: 40-year-old David Mason recorded the piccolo trumpet solo for The Beatle's "Penny Lane" at Abbey Road Studios in London. He was paid 27 pounds, 10 shillings ($42) for his performance. In August, 1987, the trumpet he used was sold at a Sotheby's auction for $10,846.

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