On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on Net Neutrality, with the intent on removing the protections President Obama put in place and instead allow media corporations to decide FOR you what sites you visit, based on who has paid them the most money.

We fought this battle once before, and won, and can do so again, but we need everyone's help! If you like listening to this station, or other streaming radio stations, or listening to independent podcasts, or reading independent blogs, or engaging in any other form of content created by independent writers and hosts around the world, let your senators and representatives know right now!

Head to, find yours, and let them know that you support Net Neutrality, you oppose the FCC's new rules, and you will remember their decision come the next election! Act now, and help save the Internet from the money-grubbing scavenger FCC and their media-corporation cronies! #SaveTheInternet!

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