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The Church of Classic Rock

Join your host, The Reverend, Jeff Smith, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Eastern, for a weekly message about living a good and fair life in the 21st century, backed by the greatest music ever made! The Reverend explores different aspects of what it means to be human and how to be a good one, accompanied by great classic rock, from artists you know and some you may not, that help explain and explore that week's topic!

The Church of Classic Rock started life as the "Sunday Morning Solarium" in March of 2012, but after a brief hiatus in the late Summer, returned to the airwaves as "The Classic Rock Solarium." Upon being ordained by the Church of Universal Life, the newly moniker'd Reverend decided that, since he was already on Sunday mornings anyway, what better way to say "Thanks!" to all of the artists that have given us such amazing melodies, harmonies, and stories, than to dedicate those two hours to a celebration of life, accompanied by the music that has inspired so many! No religion but what you bring with you, just a heartfelt appreciation for the music itself (and the playful hedonism that accompanies it) and what it's meant to millions of people since the start of the first four decades of rock!



Listen to these great shows on SoR Radio:
The Classic Rock Solarium, Sundays 8-10am Eastern The Church of Classic Rock, Sundays 10am-12pm Eastern The Back 40 w/Special Chad, Sundays 12-2pm Eastern Dark Nation Radio, Sundays 9-11pm Eastern
Make-Up Mondays, Starting at 7am Eastern The School of Rock, Tuesdays 7-11pm Eastern The Dirty 80s w/Aurora Munroe, Fridays 10pm-12am Spirit of Resistance Radio

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