1973: The BBC banned all teenybopper acts appearing on UK TV show Top Of The Pops after a riot following a David Cassidy performance.

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1976: Boz Scaggs' biggest album, "Silk Degrees" makes its first appearance on the Billboard chart, where it will climb to #2. It's his seventh solo album, but the first to go Platinum. Among the accompanying studio musicians were David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro and David Hungate, who would go on to form the band Toto.

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1955: 19 year old Ruby Murray has five records in the UK Top 20, including "Softly, Softly" at #2 and "Let Me Go, Lover" at #5.

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resistbotNearly two months into Trump’s presidency, we’ve seen all the stories imploring us to write, call, and fax our senators about the issues that matter most to us. We’ve done our best to digest and implement most of them. Of course, GOOD is certainly guilty of adding to the mounting pile of well-intentioned suggestions, mostly because we can’t imagine not. But we really mean it this time when we say there’s a tech tool that will take the headache out of reaching out to your congresspeople. It’s called “Resistbot,” and it’s by far the easiest way to gradually chip away at Trump’s spirit.

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1967: After three minor chart makers, an Oklahoma group called Five Americans release their biggest hit, "Western Union", which would rise to #5 on The Hot 100.

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