schoolofrock marketing billboard fall2017The School of Rock is a classic-rock-oriented music radio program started in the Summer of 2005 by The Professor & the Madman, who had been an on-air talk-show team back in the early 90s on WVAC, 107.9 FM in Adrian, Michigan, and re-teamed to venture into the music they loved so well. In the Summer of 2007, they were joined by Doctor Trey (Paaaaaapa Trey), and the team was formed. In 2009 they were joined by The Budman, and in 2010 they added Special Chad to the crew. Doc Blackburn joined in 2013. In 2015, frequent guest-host Aurora Munroe joined as a full-time host.

The current line-up for the Fall, Winter, & Spring version of the show is The Reverend, The Budman, Doc Blackburn, and Aurora Monroe. The mission of the School of Rock is to make sure that the true classics are never forgotten, and that all good music from the 50s through the early 90s gets aired, especially seldom-played deep tracks, B-sides, and album cuts!

As the flagship show, the School of Rock has a dedicate sub-section that you can find at containing host biographies, archives, and more!


Listen to these great shows on SoR Radio:
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