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About SoR Radio & the SoR Seven

Streaming music from the first four decades of rock, from the 50s through the 80s, SoR Radio's mission is to give airplay to more than just the top-500 rock hits favored by terrestrial classic rock and classic hits broadcasting stations. The length and breadth of music from the first four decades of rock and roll is incredibly diverse, startlingly insightful, and displays an amazing depth of musicianship that has contributed to the foundation of modern music. We play the hits, but we also play music you've seldom heard, and music you've never heard, from the greatest musicians and groups of the 20th century. Our goal is to re-introduce how inherently *cool* this music and these artists and bands are to a new generation as well as reminding the generation that grew up with these tunes. If just one listener ends up liking a song they never knew existed, SoR Radio has done its job.

The SoR Seven

intropic jeff2Dr. Jeffrey "The Reverend" Smith is a professor at a Michigan university. He first fell in love with radio in his early teens, doing his first radio internship when he was 15 years old. He was station manager of his undergraduate college radio station, worked in commercial radio for six years, and hosted a weekly summer classic rock program on terrestrial radio from 2004 to 2011 before leaving to help found SoR Radio. Possessed of a decidedly "ribald" sense of humor, Jeff's list of favorite groups is too long to list here, but they include Steely Dan, Tower of Power, Blood Sweat & Tears, Boz Skaggs, The Moody Blues, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and Chicago.

Lesley 'Doc Blackburn' WithersDr. Lesley "Doc Blackburn" Withers - Lesley “Doc Blackburn” Withers is a geek girl and a university professor with interests in relationships and technology. She fell in with a motley crew who, with the help of a little moonshine, talked her into being on the radio and rekindled her love of gaming. She’s put her 80s hairspray away, but still loves the music generated by the hair and metal bands of those days. She counts AC/DC, Queen, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard among her favorites.

Buddy 'The Budman' AllmanBuddy "The Budman" Allman is a certified film geek; no, really, he has a college degree in film and everything. He is also a professional musician specializing in composing music for film and television. He began in radio recording funny commercials and reading the local school lunch menus as a teenager back when the dinosaurs roamed free and wild, and has never looked back. In addition to deifying the prog-rock phenom that is Rush (much to Trey's annoyance, of course), the Budman loves Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, and almost anything '80s. And contrary to popular belief, he did NOT win the Lesser Galveston annual Miss Great Legs Competition in 1997. He came in third. How DO these rumors get started?

intropic chadChad "Special Chad" Roberts got his start in radio when he realized that was under-qualified for any janitorial position yet overqualified for any position in government. Actually Chad was bitten by the radio bug at the age of 15 when he got a part time job working for a local radio station. After college, he did the proverbial bouncing from town to town before he got sick of that and decided it was time to educate those who wanted to make radio a career. He finished his Master degree in 2005 and has been in education since. Chad's favorite classic rock artist, by far, is one Mr. Billy Joel. Period.

Jeff 'Flipper' KimbleBorn of humble means, Jeff "Flipper" Kimble started his professional career at age 19 working at a major record lable and has not looked back since. He is a certified band geek having played the Trumpet, French Horn and when his overbite worsened, the Baritone (try marching with that thing in a three mile parade and tell me I don't love music). Jeff's musical influences are over the place - Oingo Boingo (most favorite), Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Chase, The J. Giles Band, The Byrds, Van Halen 2.0 (Sammy Hagar Version), Sammy Hagar, George Gershwin, Psych Furs, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, Steppenwolf (Get your motor running...), The Go-Gos and Glen Miller. And with the exception of Glenn Miller and George Gershwin, Jeff experienced all this music live when it was released (cue the video of Buddy and Jeff looking for dinosaur eggs for breakfast). Jeff did not compete in the Lesser Galveston Annual Miss Great Legs Competition, but he did win first place in the one and only Miss Band Camp contest in High School. Peace and Love!!

Tim 'Dr. Jaigermaster' JacksonTim "Dr. Jaigermaster" Jackson's first job was in radio, as the weekend DJ and news/sports director at WMPX in Midland, Michigan while still in high school. Many years later, he remains convinced it had nothing to do with talent but everything to do with the fact that he was the cheapest option! Well before that first job in radio, though, he discovered his love for music through such 70's mainstays as the Bay City Rollers and Barry Manilow, but before long he developed an appreciation for Steely Dan, Queen, ELO, Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, the Specials, Oingo Boingo and the Aquabats to name a few favorite artists. His love for music and radio continued through college and now as part of the epic School of Rock Radio. Contrary to reports that he was seen in the first row of a Barry Manilow concert in Las Vegas last year, that was actually someone else.

Mitch 'Mitchapalooza' AndersonMitch "Mitchapalooza" Anderson - Mitch remembers hearing his first record (Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer he thinks was the one...) while at his grandparents house during a family Christmas. That moment must of held some weight because he can't stay away from the vinyl nearly 20 years later! In 2009, Black Circle Radio was started by Mitch and his then co-host, Uncle Joride on Mitch's college radio station. Coincidentally, that was the same school where he had the entire school of rock crew as professors (now we know where he gets his bad habits and political views...) the rest they say is history. Mitch and wife/co-host DJ Crinkle are hooked on the snap, crackle and pop. Mitch's is a lover of mostly every genre, but the likes of Beast in the Field, Gentle Giant, Wishbone Ash, Captain Beyond, Al Di Meola, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra are some of his go to groups... to name just a few. Mitch is a full-time audio engineer by trade, a musician since the age of 5, and an avid pinball enthusiast. Now drop that needle and spin it!

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