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On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on Net Neutrality, with the intent on removing the protections President Obama put in place and instead allow media corporations to decide FOR you what sites you visit, based on who has paid them the most money.

We fought this battle once before, and won, and can do so again, but we need everyone's help! If you like listening to this station, or other streaming radio stations, or listening to independent podcasts, or reading independent blogs, or engaging in any other form of content created by independent writers and hosts around the world, let your senators and representatives know right now!

Head to, find yours, and let them know that you support Net Neutrality, you oppose the FCC's new rules, and you will remember their decision come the next election! Act now, and help save the Internet from the money-grubbing scavenger FCC and their media-corporation cronies! #SaveTheInternet!

Note: Everyone should verify any organization they donate to! The organizations listed are those in the middle of the mayhem that we know of.

Animals (dogs, cats, birds, horses, livestock):

Remember, ASPCA is not affiliated with local SPCA's, nor is HSUS affiliated with local humane societies. Both ASPCA and HSUS have disaster rescue and recovery experience and are in the affected area. Contact your local rescues and shelters and ask if they are taking in homeless animals from Hurricane Harvey. They will need help.

Human needs (food, shelter, medication):

Western Wildfires:

Animals (dogs, cats, birds, horses, livestock):

How you can help:

Human needs (food, shelter, medication):

UPDATED November 21, 2017

Help Save the Internet! Let your representatives and senators know you support #NetNeutrality now!

A list of organizations you can reach out to if you'd like to support relief efforts (for humans and/or animals) in the wake of the wildfires burning across the United states, or Hurricane's Harvey and Irma is available on this page!


Below are organizations dedicated to moving the United States, and in some instances the world, forward in keeping with progressive ideals and goals. If you can help, please do so! Even the smallest bit of assistance moves the cause toward the end result we all want: Freedom and equality for all, regardless of race, gender identity, religion, nationality, or any of the other artificial distinctions that keep us from recognizing each other as fellow human beings, all deserving of the same right and lives.

The Women's March Movement

The March for Science

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Action Center

Southern Poverty Law Center

American's United for Separation of Church and State

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

NARAL Pro-Choice America

Coffee Party USA

U.S. Progressive Organizations (Index)


Below are links directly to organizations that can offer advice and assistance, both in health and legal matters. If you believe your rights have been infringed upon, or you need appropriate medical assistance, please use these links.

Contact the American Civil LIberties Union (ACLU)

Telephone (Tap if you're on a cellphone to auto-dial): (206) 624 2180


Contact Planned Parenthood

Telephone (Tap if you're on a cellphone to auto-dial): (800) 230 7526


Contact the Southern Poverty Law Center

Telephone (Tap if you're on a cellphone to auto-dial): (334) 956-8200

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